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A quick hello and a BIG can of worms...

Posted: November 12, 2007
Ok, question time for you all. I have spent the last 12ish years going down the normal illustrator/photoshop/(was)Quark(now)Indesign route for all creative work that I undertake. BUT now it's time to up my game... I am halfway through an AutoCad course (using 2008) to get my head around the basics of the 3d world, I have got a buget of about 2.5k for some shiny new software and want to spend it wisely.

So which is best......?

I normally work in the arenas of exhibition stands/ POS and race car liveries. Check www dot bornecreative dot co dot uk to get an idea if you wish. So my requirements are fairly technical with a bit of animation for presentations. I have read various reviews for 3ds max, cinema4d etc, but would really appreciate some feed back from the people who use the packages - and not just the manufactures blurb.

Many thanx, for any help
Posted: December 31, 2008
3d artist gallery Andyba
If you need software just for 3d modeling and rendering and basic animation Modo 3d is the best choice.
It is cheaper than the full fledged 3d software like 3ds max, maya and xsi because it doesn't have advanced animation but everything it has is really great and user friendly. Amazing rendering and materials and advanced 3d modeler.
Posted: February 19, 2010
Cinema 4d is quick and easy to learn