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3D Modeler / Animator job

Posted: September 13, 2007
subject: 3D Modeler / Animator, Hero of Allacrost

Hero of Allacrost is looking for 3D Modeler / Animator

Job details: The purpose of this position is to produce models of our characters and to animate those models doing actions related to battle (running, attacking, defending, casting magic, etc.). Using these 3D animations, we plan to take a series of snapshots of them and transfer them over to a 2D artist, who will polish it off to create a 2D animation. The reason we need to do this is that our battle sprites are fairly large and detailed (64x128 pixels approx.), and it has proven to be overwhelming to produce animations of them using 2D methods only.

Apply through: http://www.allacrost.org/?q=node/25
Requirements: 3D Modeling Experience (preferably human or human-like)
3D Animation Experience (preferably as lifelike as possible)
Location: This position is completely Internet based. As such, any applicant with access to the Internet and e-mail will be considered.
email - jobs@allacrost.org
web site - http://www.allacrost.org/
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Posted: September 25, 2007
Please be aware that this is a volunteer project.

If you understand that this is volunteer, and still wish to contribute, please apply through:


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