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3ds Max: Feeling Wirey

Posted: June 06, 2007
So my goal is to make an umbrella and I have the model complete. I have the fabric attached to the rods, and the fabric folds properly when I move the rods. I've also wired all the ROD's Y Rotation Access to a Dummy so that the Dummy controls the fabrics as it expands away from the base poll. I have Dampeners attached to the poll's at about half way up and the base of the dampeners attach to the handle poll.

What I want to rig is the action of when the umbrella opens, the dampeners move up the poll with the rod's and fabrics, just like a real one. Basically the Rotation of the Dummy controls the Z Position of the dampeners. Unfortunalty when I wire this, the y rotation goes haywire and I do not know how to control or restrict the movement or angles. any help would be great or basic examples.

I'm unfortunalty on a Mac right now and don't have a picture, I'l try and post one later incase I don't make any sense.:bounce: