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Softimage Xsi: Proportional move of texture?

Posted: June 04, 2007
Charles Smith
I guess it is easier to explain by example:

create a cube with 10 subdivisions of each face,

add texture and cylindrical projection,

open texture editor,

select all the points of the upper face,

hide everything else in the TE,

planar subprojection.

Here everything as expected, and now I want to move some points with Prop on. I select a point and move it, BUT (hidden) points on the other faces also start to move!

I tried to switch `Consider neigh', `Tagged points only' from Prop properties but this does not help me.

Looks like TE consider every point which is in the radius for moving, but I want to move only non-hidden points (i.e. points on the top face of the cube).

Probably I've done something stupid -- any ideas?