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3ds Max: PatchTools script package

Posted: June 01, 2007
Carl Cates
There should be a package of scripts useful to patches like the MeshTools package is for mesh editing. Patches have such fantastic potential for making smooth, clean models, but they have some pretty obvious problems in certain circumstances, and none of the problems with patches look like they would be that hard to remedy with some clever scripts. The Comet patchsmooth script is interesting, but I want more. I want a whole range of scripts. How about one to subdivide a patch in such a way that the edges can weld to their neighbors where they would otherwise not do so with a typical subdivide? How about some more ways to manipulate and control handles? Some good ways to line things up perfectly more easily and quickly would be nice. Does anyone else have some ideas for ways to add to patch modeling tools?
Posted: June 01, 2007
3d artist gallery Andyba
Hey Carl!
I think subdivision surfaces like NURMS are the future of 3d modeling..
Polygonal models can be finished in programs like zbrush and mudbox.