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3ds Max: Import > 3DS = glowing verts?

Posted: May 25, 2007
This has been really vexing me.

When I'm modeling something, I export it to 3DS for various other uses. One that I've been working on imports with glowing verts. They glow this nasty shade of green. Then, when I go about my business, they quit glowing.

It looks like they are glowing around the smoothing groups.

Similiar problem: I have to re-weld a bunch of verts even though they were welded when I exported the 3DS file. This unwelding of verts doesn't seem to be linked to smoothing groups. Seems to happen to arbitray verts.

I've been trying to RTFM these "features", but I'm at a bit of a lose as to were to look or what search terms to use.

I can survive this, but I am really curious as to what's going on.