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3ds Max: TabletPC's use Gestures for input much like Strokes

Posted: May 23, 2007
Isn't that kind of cool? I wonder if we'll see Max being implimented on TabletPC's anytime soon :).


I just thought it was kind of neat. I never hear anyone using Strokes in Max for controlling input but when I read about Gestures on TabletPC's I was like "Hey, that's a lot like feature in Max".

I think I might use Strokes in Max once I get a tablet for my computer, I tried using it with my mouse but it's a bit clumsy, or I am :). Here's an example of what can be done using a custom strokes command in Max, like with your mouse or pen..

Important: For example, you can assign Arc Rotate to a downward stroke. When you draw this stroke the software changes to Arc Rotate mode. You can assign a circular stroke to the Hide Selected command so that it both selects the objects and then hides all the objects in the bounding extents of the stroke pattern

What I would really like to see for PC's, whether they are desktoop, laptop or tabelt is a programmable touchscreen user interface.

Wouldn't that be awesome if you could have the interface change from a touch screen keyboard, to a custom layout out of icons customized to initiate or do whatever commands you wanted? Or a mixture of both, to your liking? Also, you could switch between layouts with a touch of the finger. That would be so efficient, and fun! and have it so that you could have mixed interface controls, like have regions customized for finger dragging, others for commands and shortcuts, etc. Basically I want a touchscreen pad that can have any of it's 'landscape' modified to be used in whatever way I want. Like a generic customizeable user interface.

This would be especially awesome for things like cell phones, tabletpc's, laptops, palmpc's, even a desktop computer.

Even now with limited customizeability you still have to carry around a stylus or whatever to touch the screen to do things.

Who wants to carry around a seperate pin with their stuff that can get lost and always has to be 'cared' for?

I think programmable touchscreen user interaface to replace the desktop pc keyboard and mouse would be just as cool and effective. I know there are touchscreen monitors but they are limited. I think a seperate interface, like a keyboard, except instead of it being a board of physical buttons, it's a smooth screen interface that can be customized and programmed like what I've been talking about all this time :).

I get excited just thinking about something like this! :bounce:.