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3ds Max: Maxscript rotation woes...

Posted: May 23, 2007

I'm working with linking paramaters and maxscript expression controllers not for the first time, but im still fairly new at it.

What I have is a "spine" object for a robot character, with a "bend" modifier on it. I want this to be affected by the rotation of a biped "spine" bone object.

I can manage this easily when the biped spine is replaced with a dummy that has a euler_XYZ rotation on it. I just use the x rotation (and convert it to degrees) as the angle parameter and it works great.

But the biped spine object only has one controller for all its transformations, called "spine". I assume this is biped's system...

This makes it impossible to acces the $spine.rotation.x attribute as I did with the dummy (it says it doesn't exist).

Does anyone know a workaround or solution for this??? It's really annoying me :annoyed:

to help visualise what i mean here is a simple screnshot, what i want to get is shown here as the z-rotation...