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3ds Max: loop and remove script

Posted: May 22, 2007
Thought I would share my first maxscript, which I've now got setup as a hotkey, might be of use.

First thanks to Visualboo for his ringconnect script, which isn't only useful but gave me a clue as to how to do this one, which is the opposite ie. removes the loop and the vertices.

You will need meshtools 3 installed in Max 5.0 for it to work.

Hope it's of use

RPG.Wink Wink


ps. I only made the cross from LW some five days ago, so forgive me if this script is ridiculously basic, already exists or everyones already done their own. I'm happy anyway.

pps. I can't attach it so here iit is in text form. Should be able to copy and paste into script editor and save under ui/macroscripts something.ms

macroScript Loop_Remove


toolTip:"Selects Loop and Removes"


macros.run "Editable Polygon Object" "EPoly_Select_Loop"

macros.run "Meshtools" "SharedVert"

subobjectLevel = 2

macros.run "Editable Polygon Object" "EPoly_Remove"

subobjectLevel = 1

macros.run "Editable Polygon Object" "EPoly_Remove"

subobjectLevel = 2