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3ds Max: Skinning...using the Vertex Weight Table in max5

Posted: April 18, 2007
First of all let me say that I despise skinning a character in max. I have a newfound respect for Character TD's and wish that I had one of my very own to solve all of my character-building woes.

That said, I need some guidance. I've been skinning a character for a game. It's pretty low-poly (about 1700), so it shouldn't be too difficult to skin, right? Apparently not. Most of the char is fine, except the elbows, knees and shoulders. I've tried using the Joint Angle Deformer, but it's not going so great.

Also, and this is the big question; is there a way to use the vertex weight table in max5 to copy and paste the weights and bone assignments from one side of the character to the other? If not, then would it work if I skin one side of the bastard and then use the symettry modifier somehow to duplicate it on the other side? The latter seems unlikely, but I have heard somewhere that it's possible to use the table to so this. Anyone?