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Softimage Xsi: Default XSI rig....Help?

Posted: April 18, 2007
Hi y'all,

this is the first time i used the Default XSI Footroll rig for anything. I really like it, it's got everything set up already with Synoptic View, Custom Parameters, and generic poses all ready to go, but...

1) why does it not have a jaw bone built in? i tried to add my own in, but the HEAD(or NeckBind for this matter) has no effector for my jawbone to be child of... on my own rigs, the head is a bone, but this one is some (control object?) Box...

2) my character's eyes, what should i parent them to? the head thing also?..... like my last problem, it's because the head is not a bone....

I hope these questions don't sound too stupid...but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks folks!