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Softimage Xsi: Ghost models?

Posted: April 10, 2007
Can someone tell me what the case is with Ghost models? On the project im working on now...every so often, i get an error telling me that ghost models should not exist in my scene? I do have normal models in my scene, but these arnt even reference models, but totally internal. They just disappear.

I wouldn't mind if i could find something wrong that i could fix, but this seems almost random. Last time it happened, i didn't even have any objects selected or anything, i was just rendering. Also...last time it happened...after a few restarts of the machine. the objects came back. The really bad thing is that this happens through a succession of scenes that i imported a model into.

Any ideas??


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Posted: May 15, 2007
3d artist gallery Andyba
This error was fixed in xsi 4.
You can get around the problem if you merge the file with another one.