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Softimage Xsi: Necklace

Posted: April 04, 2007

I want do dress up my current character with a necklace. A primitive one with teeth lined up on it.

Naturally, a torus with cloth would just flatten. A Disc with a displacement would be heavy on the CPU and onlly do half the job.

How (or more precisely in what order) would I have to constrain a toruses clusters to a cloth-deformed disc so that the toruses cross-sections keep round moved about by the cloth ???

And more importantly: Is there a way to do it efficiently or to automate something ???

( btw.: toruses are (insert colorful language) as they dont come with usable UVs premade...if anybody knows alternate primitives thar do the trick, please share)

Also: How can I control a piece of cloth, say, with several clusters ? Like a magician swirling around with a two-handed-handkerchief (...whatd that look like !!!)