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Softimage Xsi: Moving enveloped JOint chains....

Posted: April 03, 2007
Hi all, I hope the following makes sense, as any help would be reaaally good...

Im trying to move a joint branch which is part of a skelleton, enveloped to a mesh. Its a thumb root bone btw. Somehow, at somepoint, the root of the thumb chain has shifted to the wrong place, too far down the thumb, and needs to be moved back into place and weighted. The envelope is not distorted with the mis-aligned thumb chain as it is now.

Ive used the biped guide, and rigged from that guide with some modifications. Im 3/4 way through the wighting process. At this point, ive taken off all influence of the thumb joints, so i shoiuld be able to move the chain to the correct point, and re-weight the thumb onto the corrected thumb chain.

When i try the Cntrl+J move joint/branch tool, the green positional null apprears, i drag it to where i think it should be, and let go - the chain flashes and jumps back to its wrong position.

Ive looked for constraints etc (was it constrained to the biped-guide still?? if i delete the biped guide the problem persists) but cant see whats holding it back.

The root of the thumb chain is parented to the hand effector, and i cant *see* any other contrains or whetever that might be locking it there.

has anyone any ideas???

Many thanks,