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Softimage Xsi: Default Rig questions

Posted: March 22, 2007
Ted Town

I'm using the default rig in XSI 3, and have come across a few things I don't understand.

1. The arms when in FK mode do not follow the chest rotations.

2. The chest rotation control loses it's effectiveness after around 60 degrees.

3. key all in the character interface makes IK not work if there are keys on the effectors.

Has anyone played with this thing enough to know a way around problem number 1 without adding constraints?

the animation scenario is a soldier holding a gun, and sweeping a room. I can't rotate the chest because his hands stay there. It is a headache.

man, I hope Ed's got the answer to this one.



I hate the XSI default rig,

hate hate hate.

The little window is nice, though.