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3ds Max: artifacts and explorer crashes

Posted: March 20, 2007
Etnic Evil
I seem to be having a weird problem of max giving me artifacts after awhile. I get these weird green bars after a little bit of use and they are annoying. The thing is it only happens in max i can play the heaviest of 3d games and it dosn't do anything like that but in max it just seems to happen after a little while. This happens all through the screen not just in the directx viewports.

Also when i run max for awhile it seems to crash explorer after awhile. This happens always under max and can happen 1-2 times during a session.

I have a

1.2ghz celeron @ 1.34ghz (temp is usually 86 degrees fahrenhiet r 30 celsius so its not over heating neither is the case)

384mbs of 133mhz ram (i know slow)

geforce 4 mx 420 with 29.92 drivers (i tried newer drivers and older one's and they keep giving me problems when playing gta 3 but these are the best one's that can play anything)

2x40gig hd's (i have these seperated by 3 bays so no heat problem there.)