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Softimage Xsi: inbetween shape mixing a la Maya

Posted: March 20, 2007
Hi there once again; :)

I have been going through shape animation in XSI and wanted to do an inbetween shape to shape set up in the mixer but got quite confused... I tried many things like mixed weight or standard transition and somehow managed to get the shapes to morph inbetween one another, but it just seemed impossible to go ahead and assign a custom parameter to 'em cuz the animation mixer's timeline goes in synch with the timeline 3D... I just couldn't get the mixer animation to be independent from the main timeline... Users of Maya would know what I mean as it is more than easy to achieve this using inbetween blendshaping... A single slider is created for consecutive shapes and they morph through one another... I also tried freezing and merging the shape clips into one source but nothing happens. Are those commands not meant for shape clips? Nothing seems to be documented about this one... So if anyone could lend me a helping hand on this one I'd appreciate it greatly. I am looking for a simple and practical solution that won't take me a loong time to set up...

thanx again