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3ds Max: Modelling types

Posted: March 19, 2007
First post..yay:buttrock:

Anyways I'm pretty new to 3d and max even though I did use it a few months ago for a month or 2 an thus I have some basic knowledge of most tools. I'm currently trying to get to modelling a character(or part:rolleyes: ) but when I look on these boards everybody talks about all these modelling techs and most I don't know:hmm: . Bassicly the only one I really know is boxmoddeling and then meshsmooth the damn thing. I know what poly's are and stuff, just not what those techniques are supposed to mean. So..(what a shitload of text eh ) can anybody enlighten me? What are the techs, what are the advantiges and which ones are easy to start out with. Maybe some links with examples and tuts?..anyways thanks in advance..

Posted: January 31, 2011
U are the best