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Softimage Xsi: Animation Mixer and Walking and turning

Posted: March 14, 2007
I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about Softimage's Mixer. I am using Softimage XSI 3 and having a tuff time. Ok here goes. I want to do a walk animation of a character walking forward, than turning, than walking forward again, than turning another direction and finally sitting down. I will be doing this with multiple characters (this is for an architectural animation). I thought the best way to do this is to utilize the mixer in Softimage. Here I could very the distance each character walks before he/she turns and amount of times he/she turns, etc just by adding multiple clips of the walk cycle. I know how to perform a "match clip" operation on the preceding clip to match up with the next clip that goes after it (so the next clip can begin where the other one left off). I made the walk animation start and end at the same values. Let me give you an example of when I get into trouble. I have clips made for a walk, turn left, turn right and sit down. I add 3 walk clips together, than 1 turn left clip, than one walk clip than one turn right clip than a sit down clip. When I do a match clip between the turn left clip and the next walk clip, the bipeds leg in the walk clip are centered and not out apart like they should be. I am forced to use the offset map-changed parameters button to offset the feet to make them apart again, but rarely get the body and legs to match with the before and after clips exactly. Is this method totally ridiculous and I should try something different or is there something I am just missing. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.