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3ds Max: lightmesh - freewareplugin for max 3/4/5

Posted: March 12, 2007
some really good freeware plugin for max 3/4/5 ...

home and download: http://www.gfx-inside.net/lightmesh/

With LightMesh you will have soft shadows, some kind of global illumination (no radiosity,of course) and, I think, a good illumination tool for MAX.

Its very easy to use: copy "lightmesh.dlo" to your plugins directory. This is a helper so you must search for it in helpers folder. Create a Lightmesh ,select an object, push "Lights" button (its down) and adjust the parameters of the lights, thats all. If you want to change the color of the lights (due to change of material, or changings in the object source...) you must push "Actualize Color" button.

greetings cabal