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3ds Max: Biped and physique export to .3ds, what is the secr

Posted: February 23, 2007
I am currently working on a DirectX based game and have created a fully animated, textured character using 3ds Max 4.0 and character studios, I want to use the mesh in my game, but I am having problems with the biped exportation. When I export the the .max file of my character to .3ds (or .x) the physique modifer on the body (mesh) is does not export. Consequently the biped system is animated, but his body remains static. I knew that such a modifer would be .max specific, but I know that game developers use the biped system for animation in there games... do I have to link the indiviaul vertices to the biped objects, or is there a better way... what I am saying is what is the secret to get the biped animations in a useable format such as .3ds or .x?

Well that is my problem in aproximate english.....

Also I am kind of wondering how animations are orgainzed/the procedure so that a game engine can play them on user demand without alot of excess.... just if you know.

Any information would be extremely valueable (alot of forums have not been very helpful). Thank you for your time and any consideration.