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3ds Max: Help, sticking bones on a multi-object robot?

Posted: February 23, 2007
Shawn Lancing
Hi guys - here is the delema. About 3 years ago I did my first robot (figure1 - It's nothing special by any means. Back then I animated it the hard way, by creating rotations and extensions on the various pieces. Each joint was animated induvidually. It was ok back then to do the trick - but very time consuming..

Skip ahead three years to today: I've created much more complex robots, However they have many many parts most of joints are simple machine style joints (figure 2). Is there any way of added bones to multijointed robots - Rigging is by far my weakest point.

Does anybody know of tutorials for adding bones to robots with many parts? I've seen tons about rigging regular single mesh objects.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.