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Softimage Xsi: Architectural Rendering

Posted: February 22, 2007
Hi folks, I am attempting some architectural rendering at the moment, and I have seen some really nice stuff around, I am attempting to use a combination of GI and FG, the models I am working with are fairly straightforward residential apartments, and they are stills only.

I have tried using a combination of one spotlight for the sun with raytraced shadows, and a dome bouncing photons through the windows, the problem is some of these apartments are quite deep, and have one set of windows at one end so they are hard to light with just a sun, I am trying to keep it as realistic as possible just using the spot and dome, but I am finding that it looks fine before I start adding textures, then for example if I make a red couch, it starts acting like a big red light, and if I take the radiance down it just ends up going dark.

I guess I am looking for a generic solution that I can use every time, there must be a standard way to do this.

Thanks for any help, Nick