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Softimage Xsi: dotXSI import woes

Posted: February 15, 2007

I asked this over in XSI Base, but figured I'd give you guys a shot too. :)

In short, XSI 2.03 crashes when I try and import a model that has UV and Textures/materials on it that have come via the MAX dotXSI Exporter plugin where the textures have been made in Body Paint 3D. I can import a plain model (no nuthin'; just the mesh) or one with just a simple texure map (no BodyPaint 3d)without a hitch...but as soon as I try to do it with textures/uv/etc after using BodyPaint 3D...BLAMMO!

Obviously this is a Body Paint 3D culprit (well, actually, it could also be MAX not 'saving' the BP3D tweeked/created textures correctly too). Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there any way to use BodyPaint 3D, MAX and XSI happily together in the same pipeline? BodyPaint3D doesn't save in dotXSI, so I have to go through the MAX<-->BP3D plugin. Am I screwed?