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3ds Max: The Project for You!

Posted: February 08, 2007
Dear artist,

Computer Role Playing Games have become very popular in the past two decades. They started with Single Player Text based games and soon spread to 2D games and then 3D, during this Text based Multi Player Role playing games also came around called MUDs (Multi Player Dungeons). Now we are ready for the next level, 3D Massive Multiplayer Online RPGs. They have arrived, with abounding success, conquering the masses of players.

Everquest, Ultima Online, Asherons Call, and Dark Age of Camelot are all great examples of this. With the soon to be releases such as Star Wars Galaxies and many others this proves to be one of the fastest growing entertainment forms in history.

We are here to break the barrier between Pay to Play games and Free ones with our Free open source 3D Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game named PlaneShift.

This is an amazing complex and beautiful project that has the ultimate goal of creating a free virtual world where people can live and role-play on-line. The current development team is made of talented and dedicated professionals that share the same objective: create the game you always dreamed of, without commercial constraints. With this in mind we can really achieve something good and enjoyable. Thanks to the large amount of contributors we can expand the world without rest, bringing it even beyond current day commercial standards and raising the bar for what all Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games should be.

To reach these goals we need your help, dedication, time and skills. We need people like you to join our team! Here are the requirements:

3D Artist:

Will create low-poly 3D models for:

- characters of the game (players and NPCs),

- monsters

- buildings

- items

Create animations for:

- characters of the game (players and NPCs),

- monsters

Create high-poly models for:

- trailers, intro, cut scenes.

Skills required:

- Dedication and passion

- Team work

- Good modeling and texturing skills.

- Knowledge of major 3D programs (3DStudio MAX, Maya...)

- Bent for medieval setting

If you think you can contribute to make this dream come true and you fit one of these roles then write an e-mail to info@planeshift.it. Be sure to include a portfolio of your artwork. Please check out our site at www.planeshift.it and for more info.