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3ds Max: - My: Scale a biped and all the linked objects [ Ti

Posted: February 06, 2007
Carl Cates
- My: "Scale a biped and all the linked objects [ Timelapse ] " -

This video shows how to scale a biped with objects linked to the biped...this is a very known problem when you merge a character to another scene and he doesn't fit into the world scale because he is to big or to small compared to all the other objects :(

Play'ed lot around for a good method to scale and after 5-10 different ways to do it... this where the best one :)

Here is the stuff I used:

3dmax4.2 | Character Studio 3 | Divx 5.0.1 | filmstrrelse 10 mb

So here is my timelapse showing the trick :P


Feedback is a must Very Happy