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Softimage Xsi: render license mystery

Posted: February 06, 2007
Frank Tinoco
Ok, I've passed this mystery on to support at Soft HQ but I'm curious to know if anyone else is having a similar problem. I was under the assumption that when you are batch rendering, XSI will do the following:

1. First render with your batch universal lic + 2 StdRender tokens

2. After all your batch lics are used up, XSI will batch render using your Adv interactive licenses + 2 StdRender tokens

3. Once all batch universal and Adv interactive tokens are used, you have to use the -essential switch to use your interactive essential tokens.

The problem is that when I use -essential, its also using a StdRender token which XSI is ONLY supposed to use for batch universal and for rayhosting. Has anyone else figured this out?