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3ds Max: Free Event Sneak preview new technology for max

Posted: February 02, 2007
Sneak Preview the new technology for 3ds max.

Join us on June 24 to sneak preview the new technology for 3ds max from discreet. You will also witness Absolute Character Tools, from none other than Mark Snoswell, Chief and Head Dude of CGCharacter, the company that manufactures ACT among other products. Deep Paint 3D V2 and Deep UV by Right Hemisphere.

Event information

Date: June 24, 2002 (Monday) 5.30-8.30 pm

Venue: Academy of Arts, 79 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94105

For registration: Call 1-888-662-7238 or go to http://www.id8media.com/frameset_3d/3d_events_frame.htm