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3ds Max: Polytrans import from maya to max

Posted: January 26, 2007
Hey guys well I am a native maya modeller but maya's render is very hard to work with so I decided i will model in maya and render in max. The problem I have is that when I export a maya mesh as a 3ds or obj file my model triangulated . That is all four sided polygons are cut in half so they become triangles. Is there a way to avoid this problem.

Help would be greatly appriciated as this is for an animation I am working at the moment.


take care
Posted: January 26, 2007
3d artist gallery Andyba
When you export to obj this shouldn't happen.
There is an option when you export the 3d model to OBJ and when you Import to 3ds Max how to handle the 3d models polygons.
If I'm not mistaken it's something like triangles, quads and polygons.
So choose quads.