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Softimage Xsi: Pro 3D CHAMPIONSHIPS - For real

Posted: December 18, 2006
Five of the biggest 3D packages: 3DS Max, Cinema 4DXL, Lightwave, Maya, and XSI along with some of their best 3D users will be competing for the title of 3D champion. All on equal fast fast machines provided by HP.

If any of you are going to the NAB conference in Las Vegas this week this will be the one show that is a must see.


If you are not registered for the NAB do not worry it is free, there is a link at our site, along with a lot of other useful info.



And http://www.nab.org/conventions/nab2002/

And if you can not go be sure and check our site to see the results.

This is a big show sponsored by:

SoftImage, Discreet, HP, Maxon, ATI, DKE, Right Hemisphere, Metro, Matsushita Avionics Systems, Minolta, Spirit Studios, Grid, Iron Pixel Studios, Panasonic, Mode Studios, Realviz, Plus, Teague, SLK Technologies, and Mulvanny Architects.

And one more thing there will be free beer sponsored by Maxon while it lasts.

Come root for your favorite 3D Package.

For those of you coming I will see you there,

Mad Matt
Posted: June 03, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Old post but anyway I'm curious who was the winner? Smile