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Write Messages and WIN

Posted: September 14, 2006
3d artist gallery Andyba
First 3 Members of 3DMD.net forums who will write 500 messages will win great prizes.

1st Member to write 500 messages will win:
An accurate Baby head 3d model with 42 morph targets that can be
combined to create a huge variety of facial expressions. (worth $ 345.00)

The morph targets are specially created using the isolation method
which means that to create a facial expression you have to use a
combination of several morph targets, which gives a very high level of
control. This allows you to use the 'follow through' and
'overlapping action' animation principles, which results in really
smooth and life like animations.

2nd Member to write 500 messages will win:

A Beautiful female head 3D model. (worth $ 220.00)

Accurate mesh topology designed for easy facial animation and morph targets creation.
Detailed textures for color, diffuse, bump, specular and reflection included. Skin texture size is 2048x2048.
A great, textured jaw model with teeth is included.
Textured Eyes with Iris radius driven by a controler via morph targets included.

3rd Member to write 500 messages will win:

A Great, high definition Male head 3D model offered by web 3D service. (worth $ 113.00)
Great for close up rendering.
Low resolution polygonal mesh included for easy animation and creation of morphing targets.

These prizes are kindly offered by www.web3Dservice.com a custom 3D modeling solutions provider.