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Gimp: removing text from a picture

Posted: June 04, 2006
Hello, can someone give me some graphics advice?
as in, how to remove text from a picture
that's a jpeg
but its not just ordinary text, its a semi-transparent bubble letter
any recommendations?
Posted: June 19, 2008
In order to remove text from an image , i suggest u to use Adobe Photoshop Software which is an Image Editing Software can really help u out of that.

1.First u open ur Jpg image file or other in Photoshop.
2.Then select Clone Stamp tool from the Tool Bar which is located on left side of the Photoshop window.
3.Then select the pixels from any particular area of the image - (Alt + Click) and paste - (ctrl +v) it on the text which seems like that there was no text in the image before.B'coz the copied pixels will replace the text and matches it with the background of the image.
4.Try adjusting the Brush size according to ur need if u wish to.
5. I hope u can get the result from these one.

Otherwise u go to Adobe Photoshop Help menu.There u can find some tutorials expalining one by one tool clearly to make u understand easily.
Posted: December 26, 2008
3d artist gallery Andyba
Imho, if you could post an example I could help you.
It really depends on your image. Every case has an individual approach.
Posted: April 20, 2009
Very hard to help without images.

But, I think a good method is to use the 'Cloning' tool.
Posted: June 06, 2009
3d artist gallery Andyba
Another method is to copy a port of the image that is similar to text background on another layer that will be above the original image.
Place it above the text then use layer masks to adjusts it's transparency so that it blends seamlessly into your original image and covers the text.
Posted: January 21, 2012
If its a finished jpeg then it sounds like your sol