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Art TD job

Posted: May 09, 2006
subject: Art TD , FLW International LLC

FLW International LLC is looking for Art TD
Starting Date: asap , duration - permanent

Job details: Primary Responsibilities:
Guide and provide leadership in pre-production planning to determine and address technical design requirements and issues
Define workflows, streamlined processes, and tools/frameworks for Technical Artists
Analyze and solve technical and production issues
Develop appropriate art pipelines including tools/scripts/plugins and workflow, working in conjunction with Lead Artists and the engineering team
Set frameworks for manipulating art easily and efficiently
Create technically sound art and art frameworks
Mentor and train others in skills necessary to efficiently execute development of art assets
Lead and inspire as you excel as a team player and strive to maximize team/department performance
Perform special tasks as needed or assigned
Develop an area or multiple areas of expertise

We require the following expertise and personal traits:
Modeling: Development of streamlined but complex modeling and texturing tools and processes including model setup and control.
Character: Focusing on character skeletons, hair, clothing, skinning, joint weighting, and character modeling. Developing character tools and UI for animators.
Animation: Developing workflow, tools, and UI to allow animators to focus on animation. Handling constraint issues, cycles, and complex animation.
Effects: Work with rigid/soft body dynamics, particles, and shaders to simulate effects of explosions, smoke, fire, steam, fog, etc.
Version Control: designing and implementing tools to integrate version control software into pipeline.
Technology: Maya MEL scripting, C++ and development Software (Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, etc.)
Personal: Superb communication skills, both verbal and written and the ability lead and inspire others.
Location: San Rafael

email - stevenwilliams@ameritech.net
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