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Posted: May 09, 2006
subject: 3D Animator , FLW International LLC

FLW International LLC is looking for 3D Animator
Starting Date: asap
Job details: We have opportunities for talented Animators with key-frame animation (FK and IK) experience. These are awesome opportunities to join an established studio and grow your career in technical art!

You will be part of an elite team, working closely with designers, other artists, as well as character control engineers, to concieve, design and create player and AI animation and complex, multi-person cut-scenes. The details you create will result in emotive, believable and compelling features and behaviors to be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of gamers.

Four year degree or equivalent experience
Experience in key-frame animation (FK and IK) a must
Excellent sense of weight and timing
Ability to multi-task
Proficiency with Maya or other 3D package
Attention to, or even obsession with, detail
A portfolio demonstrating your work - online portfolios preferred.

Location: San Rafael

email - stevenwilliams@ameritech.net
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