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Studio Artist Manager job

Posted: May 04, 2006
subject: Studio Artist Manager , Volition

Volition is looking for Studio Artist Manager
duration - Full Time

Job details: Studio Artist Manager Job description:

The Studio Artist Manager is responsible for the hiring and career development of Volitions artists, we well as the maintenance and growth of the Art culture at Volition. The Studio Artist Manager will be responsible for maintaining and updating the artist job descriptions, reviewing staffing plans, and overseeing the growth of each artists skills through mentoring, education, and direction.


* Assist the artists in maintaining and improving their art skills via suggested reading, design forums, suggested conventions, etc.
* Provide management with active and on-going communication regarding the state of the art group and the status of the artists at Volition.
* Assist the Producers and Product Art Directors in writing and presenting personnel evaluations for the artists as required by management.
* Oversee the hiring process for all art positions.
* Maintain the job descriptions for all artist positions at Volition.


* College degree plus 8 years of related experience in the industry, with a significant portion as a lead artist or personnel manager.
* Strong written and oral communication skills.
* A broad knowledge base of console and PC games.


* A portfolio of related work experience, including a breakdown detailing personal involvement. Additionally, any traditional or digital artwork would be useful in consideration for this opening. Submissions are preferred via a digital medium such as a website, ftp, or cd/dvd.
Location: Champaign, IL, United States

Contact info:
This is a full-time, on-site position. Relocation to Champaign, IL, is required. All inquiries will be strictly confidential.

To apply, please visit our website below:
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