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Sr. Artist job

Posted: May 04, 2006
subject: Sr. Artist , Radical Entertainment

Radical Entertainment is looking for Sr. Artist
duration - Full Time

Job details: Sr. Artist POSITION SUMMARY:

The Senior Artist collaborates with the Art Director in establishing and implementing the games art direction for the particular domain that he/she is an expert (e.g. environments, character, lighting, special effects, etc.). The Senior Artist provides leadership, logistical planning and problem-solving skills to a group of Artists. The incumbent is an expert user of industry standard tools such as Maya and Photoshop and Z-Brush. This is a key position within the company that may rotate in and out of one project to another depending upon the schedule.


The Senior Artist reports to the Art Director. This position is also the point of contact between the Art Director (AD), Technical Art Director (TAD), Art Production Manager (APM) and the entire team. Artists who belong to the discipline related to that of the Senior Artist would report to this person.


-Directs, participates and supports the creation and implementation of art and/or animation for assigned products
-Provides artistic and technical leadership to product development
-Represents the team members in the following areas: Art, Production and/or Technical
-Works in coordination with the Art Director, Technical Art Director and Art Production Manager to develop strong and dependable relationships for the benefit of the team
-Keeps focus within the team and leads them towards achieving its goals for the project
-Assists in setting the short-term objectives of a team and may provide feedback into its long-term strategy and objectives
-Is available for the team members at all times regarding concerns or issues
-Refines process and ensures that good practice spreads throughout the team
-Interacts with peers and managers of other teams
-Serves as a technical/content resource to the group and team, assisting in resolving problems and ensuring assets created are appropriate
-Operates within the context of the strategies and overall plans of the function


-2 to 3 years experience in art or animation
-Strong proficiency with 3D software programs or expert 2D art skills
-Extremely high level of recognized artistic achievement
-Expertise in artistic softward platforms important to the company
-Excellent communication, organization and management skills


-2D illustration / life drawing
-Traditional sculpting
-Art history
-2D animation

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Contact info:
369 Terminal Ave. 8th Floor
Vancouver, BC V6A 4C4
Phone: 604-602-2659
E-mail: mmarrujo@radical.ca
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