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Senior/Lead Character Modeler job

Posted: May 04, 2006
subject: Senior/Lead Character Modeler , Perpetual Entertainment

Perpetual Entertainment is looking for Senior/Lead Character Modeler
duration - Full Time

Job details: Senior/Lead Character Modeler As the Senior/Lead Character Modeler you will work with the Art Director and the character team to help establish the style, processes and direction for character / creature creation within the project. You will participate in the R&D; phase of character / creature development through pre-production and help establish the methodologies that will carry over into production.


Help set the standard for character / creature creation for the project
Lead by example in terms of your work ethic, quality level and professionalism
Help establish project wide conventions for character art through R&D; iteration
Proactively collaborate in pre-production planning to determine and address technical design requirements and issues
Help document the character creation process as it develops
Assist in the development of shader and lighting technology to enhance character art production
Model and texture real-time 3D characters aimed at next generation game consoles
Model and texture additional props for characters


The following is a list including, but not limited to, several essential attributes you must possess:
Have a strong understanding of games and game asset creation
Must possess strong leadership skills
Ability to model, texture, and light 3D characters to a HIGH level of quality
3 + years of applicable industry experience
Ability to quickly disseminate and communicate pipeline issues and solutions
Fluent knowledge of at least one major 3D package (Maya preferred)
Fluent knowledge of Photoshop, or similar 2D program
Fluent knowledge of texture painting and UV application skills required
Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
Excellent problem solving skills
Experience with real-time shaders is a plus
Must be willing to work overtime when needed


Samples of 3D character work, (online, CD, or DVD format). Would prefer to see both 3D assets and in-game assets, preferably how the same asset translated from 3D program to game engine. Layers of materials / textures / shaders used and breakdowns of such also recommended.
Samples of texture work, raw textures and examples of texture application (online, CD, or DVD format)
Samples of traditional skills, sketchbook, drawings, paintings, etc.

All samples must be accompanied by a description of each, with specific information on what you were responsible for, what tools were used, etc.

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Contact info:
Perpetual Entertainment
149 New Montgomery St. 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: (415) 321-6900
Fax: (415) 321-6901
E-mail: resumes@perpetual.com
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