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Associate Producer job

Posted: May 04, 2006
subject: Associate Producer , The Collective

The Collective is looking for Associate Producer
duration - Full Time

Job details: Associate Producer Job Summary

The Associate Producer is primarily responsible for assisting the Producer with general management and tracking of production. The Associate Producer reports to the Producer, and will assist other project leads to ensure productive workflow within the team.

Job Responsibilities

Active partner to the Producer overseeing day-to-day production.
Working with Producer, troubleshoot all aspects of the development process in an effort to meet or exceed deadline and budget expectations
Create (in coordination with team leads and management), distribution, and maintenance of aggressive yet realistic schedules
Working with Producer to ensure the timely coordination, creation and delivery of milestone builds to the publisher
Coordinating with the team leads to ensure that all departments are working optimally
Communicate any issues (regarding personnel, project scope, technological risks, etc.) that might interfere with adherence to the schedule to the Producer
Working with Producer, ensure that inter and intra department communication is as productive as possible
Keep accurate records/notes of meetings and discussions between team members.
Ensure that assets are organized in an efficient, logical fashion
Create articulate documentation detailing asset structure, production pathways, etc.
Keep abreast of current trends in the marketplace especially with regard to similar and/or competitive product
Provide feedback to team leads on the product with regards to its competitiveness, quality, playability, etc.
Meeting personal production schedules and deadlines.
Researching tools and technologies that would improve team and company wide productivity and communication
Nurture a team and company wide sense of collaboration, mutual respect, and job satisfaction

Excellent communication skills
Ability to multitask, prioritize, and to raise production flags if and when necessary.
Ability to motivate and guide production staff
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Mircosoft Project
Outlook calendar and email
Instant Message system
Filemaker Pro


Experience on a next-gen title

Location: Newport Beach, ca, United States

Contact info:
1900 Quail St.
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: 949-255-1900
Fax: 949-724-9664
E-mail: kellyab@f9e.com
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