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Senior Producer job

Posted: May 04, 2006
subject: Senior Producer , Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.

Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. is looking for Senior Producer
duration - Full Time

Job details: Senior Producer Producers are a key element of our development process and are required to proactively manage and deliver titles, ensuring both title quality and timely delivery. Producers work with Project Leaders to set priorities for their team, schedule tasks and other development functions, identify critical constraints, potential bottlenecks and risks in the delivery schedule, as well as troubleshoot communication and dependency problems. Producers are also responsible for managing external relationships with contractors, publishers and other external parties.

Candidates with strengths in the following areas should apply:

Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.
Ability to multitask, prioritize, and to raise production flags if and when necessary.
3+ years experience in the production of console, PC and/or arcade games.
Experience in managing/scheduling large development teams.
Understanding of issues facing various types of gameplay, artistic and technical considerations, and the ability to forecast the ramifications of decisions made during the concept/pre-production phase.
Good comprehension of all aspects of multimedia/game production (graphics, design, programming, audio/video, QA, and localization).
Ability to juggle multiple projects with short timelines.
Familiarity with standard project accounting procedures.
Comprehensive knowledge of one or more game genres a plus competitive products, demographics, market preferences and biases, etc.
Knowledge of music industry a plus.
Enthusiasm for and experience with popular music and music culture a big plus.
Familiarity and passion for music/party console games.
Willing to sing and "groove out" in front of others.
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Contact info:
Phone: no phone calls, please.
E-mail: produce@harmonixmusic.com
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