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Collision Studios job

Posted: May 04, 2006
subject: Collision Studios , Collision Studios

Collision Studios is looking for Collision Studios
Starting Date: ASAP , duration - permanent

Job details: Collision Studios is looking for a Senior/Lead animator to join our team. Currently we are working on an exclusive to PSP title, 300: March to Glory, to come out with the movie 2007. We are looking for a candidate to help define the level of quality and style of animation. Collision is a small, growing company located close to the beach in Venice, CA. Collision is still in its early stages, so were looking for candidates to help build a fun and creative environment and who have a passion for game making. Strong communication skills are very important.

Experience in-game development as an Animator
Knowledge of 3DStudio Max (currently we are using version Cool
Knowledge of animating in character studio (biped)
Self-driven, good communicator and team player
Able to focus and to manage ones own time in order to meet milestones
Strong Key Frame animation skills pertaining to characters and creatures
Knowledge of rigging of models for animation
Ability to problem solve and to communicate with other departments if need be for solutions
Must work quickly and efficiently to help meet deadlines, balancing quality vs. quantity
Oversee the animation team, offering direction as well as constructive feedback
Set the style and standard of animation quality

Requirements: 3+ years experience animating for console games
A BFA (with an emphasis in animation) preferred
The ability to communicate with artists, designers and programmers
Must have a passion for games and game development
A great work ethic and require little supervision
Ability to quickly learn new skills and pass those skills onto others
Storyboarding for in-game cinematics
Creativity and decision making skills regarding animations
Willingness to put in the time and effort if need be to meet deadlines
Ability and willingness to teach and mentor
Excellent organization skills

Internships and part-time positions are not available at this time.

Portfolio Requirements - Must deliver a full resume/demo reel to be considered for this position.

Location: Venice

email - jobs@collisionstudios.com
web site - http://www.collisionstudios.com
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