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Senior Designer job

Posted: May 03, 2006
subject: Senior Designer , Heavy Iron Studios a division of THQ, Inc.

Heavy Iron Studios a division of THQ, Inc. is looking for Senior Designer
duration - Full Time

Job details: Senior Designer Create gameplay by designing systems as defined by the Lead
Implement gameplay in broad areas of the game (systems affecting multiple levels)
Demonstrate mastery of tools available; refine new tools and teach other designers existing tools
Contribute to department knowledge base with research projects; lead research projects
Demonstrate mastery of documentation and communication standards (email, wiki, bug base)
Give and receive constructive criticism; mentor other designers
Work well with other departments
Assist Lead with management tasks


Minimum of 5 years experience designing games, 8 years preferred
Minimum of 2-shipped console titles as lead
Minimum of 5-shipped console titles overall
Experience managing multiple designers to eliminate redundancy, focused on utilization of specific skills of each individual to maximize productivity
Experience with leading other designers through tuning and balancing levels (platform or fighting game experience preferred)
Ability to work closely with artists to achieve appropriate visual style utilizing skills in architectural design
Ability to create and maintain project-related documents, schedules using commercial software (i.e., Excel, MS Project)
Communication and interpersonal interaction with varied audiences
Proven problem solving experience
Respond to concerns and suggestions of the Game Designers and Team Leads.
Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Contact info:
Heavy Iron Studios
6601 Center Drive Suite Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90045

We offer a challenging work environment, a competitive salary, and excellent benefits. Candidates should apply online at the URL below:


We prefer that candidates apply directly rather than through recruiters. Recruiters must contact the Human Resource Department prior to submitting a resume, may only submit upon request to the Human Resource Department and may not contact hiring managers without Human Resource permission
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