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Concept Artist job

Posted: May 03, 2006
subject: Concept Artist , Airtight Games

Airtight Games is looking for Concept Artist
duration - Full Time

Job details: Concept Artist Responsibilities
Create 2D concept art for next-gen console games
Concept art may include full environments, architecture, vehicles, planes, environmental objects, and characters
Must be able to quickly and efficiently create concept art for review at all levels of finish: from thumbnails to finished digital paintings
Must be able to evaluate designs from both an aesthetic perspective and a practical one in terms of game play
Must be able to create detailed versions as well as orthographic and perspective views
Collaborate closely with the Art Director, Environment Lead, Lead Technical Artist, Lead Game Designer, and the other team members to achieve the desired look and feel for the game.

Minimum of 1 year production experience or degree equivalent
Must have the ability to work in digital formats in addition to traditional drawing skills
Must be able to work quickly and think creatively in a fast paced, ever changing environment
Must be able to work in a range of styles and techniques
Be a strong collaborator with the ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of project staff
Secondary skills and experience are also highly desirable. These would include strong skills in any of the following areas: storyboarding, texturing, 3D modeling, GUI design, and lighting.

Must be a US citizen or have permanent residency

Location: Redmond/Seattle, WA, United States

Contact info:
E-mail: jobs@airtightgames.com
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