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Lead Environmental Artist job

Posted: May 01, 2006
subject: Lead Environmental Artist , Activision / Z-Axis

Activision / Z-Axis is looking for Lead Environmental Artist
duration - Full Time

Job details: Lead Environmental Artist Z-Axis Games is looking for a talented Lead Environmental Artist to work on a Next Gen console action-adventure game. The ideal candidate will have at least 4-5 years experience in an environmental artist role having demonstrated the ability to create realistic and visually interesting environments that are also fun to play. This candidate will also have the following traits:

Proven industry experience as an environmental lead on at least two shipped console titles
Proven experience with Maya in designing, modeling, texturing and lighting environments
Strong knowledge of Photoshop
Skilled at creating next-gen textures (normal mapping, diffuse, specular, etc.) and a strong understanding of shaders
Must be able to create and direct the production of visually stunning environments
Very strong 2D/3D conceptual skills
Architecture or traditional art background; B.A. or equivalent degree preferred
Strong demo reel/portfolio illustrating both traditional and digital artistic accomplishments
Location: Foster City, CA, United States

Contact info:
To apply for this position, please visit us at the link below:
E-mail: jobs@z-axis.com
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