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Environment Artist job

Posted: April 28, 2006
subject: Environment Artist , Factor 5

Factor 5 is looking for Environment Artist
duration - Full Time

Job details: Environment Artist You will be responsible for creating in-game natural and architectural geometry and environments for an original next-generation console title.

Primary Responsibilities:
Take placeholder assets from designers, and concept art from the Art Department to create polished models, textures, and effect maps
Work with designers to detail terrain with proprietary tools
Create placeholder geometry as needed
Prepare geometry for UVing
Create both single and multiple UV sets (where needed) for geometry art assets
Work with ZBrush and other tools to generate normal maps
Create placeholder textures as needed
Extract effect maps for use by Texture Artists
Prepare geometry for final texture pass by Texture Artists
Create collision and physics geometry as needed
Create Level of Detail (LOD) models as needed
Understand the elements of real-world ecosystems and natural phenomena enough to translate them with fidelity into an original in-game world
Test work in-game in the context of its surroundings for performance and artistic issues
Work under direction from the Art Director and Production staff
Secondary Responsibilities
Work with Art Director and Technical Directors to ensure that work conforms to and exceeds requirements
Work with Technical Directors to problem-solve and develop the look of the game as needed
Assist with Artist training as needed
Other Responsibilities may be added as needed

Job Requirements
Bachelor of Fine Arts or equivalent experience (four years) in console game development
Normal Map experience preferred
Special Effects experience preferred
Team-oriented with the ability to communicate effectively with artists, animators, level designers, and programmers
The ability to problem-solve within technical limitations
Excellent communication, interpersonal, organizational and time management skills required
Commitment to an aggressive standard of excellence, reflected in personal work ethic, persistence and drive
Ability to quickly learn new skills and pass those skills onto others
Clear understanding of schedules, milestones, and how to bring quality work in on time
Maintain a creative vision and passion for game development

Portfolio Requirements
Strong modeling, texturing, and lighting skills applied to environments
Strong understanding of light and color theory
Solid foundation art skills demonstrated through figure drawing, sketchbook and traditional media work

Include a credit list which documents what you have worked on yourself, and what contributions others made to the pieces in your demo reel.

Applicants should email jobs@factor5.com, including the job title in the Subject line. Include a resume/CV and a URL for an online portfolio/reel.

Alternatively, forward cover letter, resume/CV and demo reel (DVD or CD) to Factor 5. Portfolio/demo reels will not be returned.

Location: San Rafael, California, United States

Contact info:
Factor 5, LLC.
101 Lucas Valley Road, Suite 300
San Rafael, CA 94903

Phone: (415) 492 5900
Fax: (415) 492 5901
E-mail: jobs@Factor5.com
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