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Character Animation Technical Director job

Posted: April 28, 2006
subject: Character Animation Technical Director , Factor 5

Factor 5 is looking for Character Animation Technical Director
duration - Full Time

Job details: Character Animation Technical Director You will be responsible for solving technical production issues, defining workflow, streamlining processes, and developing tools/frameworks for ingame characters creation and implementation.

-Develop a general character framework for upcoming projects in Maya, working in conjunction with the animators and the programming team. Framework includes skeletal system, workflows, and user interface.
-Solve technical issues relating to character setup and animation.
-Streamline character creation workflows and pipelines
-Develop tools/scripts/plugins to streamline character art processes; work with programming and tool teams to implement characters into game environment.
-Research and test 3rd party software for character/animation production.
-Participate in pre-production planning and prototyping to determine and address technical design requirements and issues.
-Create documentation relating to technical issues.
-Create technically sound art and art frameworks.
-Mentor and train others in areas of expertise. Train people working with the animation production in the skills necessary to execute the art path efficiently.
-Excel as a team player and communication.-Perform special tasks as assigned.
-Develop streamlined process to transfer motion capture data to game data.

-Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Graphic Art or a related field.
-Computer Programming/scripting experience. MEL preferred.
-3 years or more of production experience with CG character setup.
-Strong background and understanding of 3D graphics including modeling and animation.
-Strong knowledge of Maya 4+.
-Strong knowledge of Animation principles and Kinematics.
-Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
-Work well under deadlines and multi-tasks.-Work well in all areas of pre-production, prototyping and production.

-Examples of character setups, 3D animation and other artwork.
Demo reel will not be returned.
Location: San Rafael, CA, United States

Contact info:
101 Lucas Valley Road, Ste. 300, San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone: 415-492-5900
Fax: 415-492-5901
E-mail: jobs@factor5.com
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