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FX Artist job

Posted: April 28, 2006
subject: FX Artist , THQ, Kaos

THQ, Kaos is looking for FX Artist
Starting Date: TBD , duration - Permanent

Job details: Responsible for the creation of cinematic special effects for our upcoming next generation games, develop special effects for all projects in development for current and next generation consoles, and design and implement creative and realistic situations.

Job Responsibilities
Create effects to include rigid body dynamics, particles and shaders to
simulate the effects of explosions, smoke, fire, steam, fog, rain, flowing
water, etc.
Create natural phenomena leaves and debris flowing in the wind.
Follow concept art, story boards, written descriptions and scripts.
Create dynamic effects mock-ups for evaluation.
Work closely with effects system programmers and scripters.
Works to given deadlines and schedules.
Work in a dynamic team environment where individual effort is critical to the
completed project.

Job Requirements
Applicable BFA in Art related field (Computer Animation, 3D modeling, Film,
Strong traditional art/animation skills.
Skilled in 3D graphics, particle systems, dynamics, shaders, etc.
Excellent working knowledge of all game development tools (Maya/Alias, 3D
Studio Max, custom tools, etc.)
Ability to quickly master proprietary tools and development processes
Ability to work successfully in a large team of other artists, programmers,
and game designers
Excellent communication, interpersonal and organization skills
Strong work ethic, self-direction and artistic vision, dedicated work ethic

Photoshop skills required.
Expert-level skills in 3D graphics, particle systems, dynamic shaders, and
relevant commercial software applications 3ds max \\ Maya
Location: New York

email - allison.foote@thq.com
phone - 212-989-2647
address - 129 W 27th St
8th floor
New York
web site - http://www.kaosstudios.com
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