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Render Wrangler job

Posted: April 28, 2006
subject: Render Wrangler , Northwest Imaging & FX

Northwest Imaging & FX is looking for Render Wrangler
Starting Date: ASAP , duration - 3 Months to 1 Year (plus)

Job details: The role of the Render Wrangler will be to monitor activity on the Render Farm and manage rendering priorities based upon the needs of Department Supervisors and Production Management.

Specifically, Northwest Imaging needs someone with the following rendering experience:

ability to setup MULTI-PASS RENDERS to provide elements for compositing (eg rendering specular shadow map layers).

Mental Ray for Maya and Mental Ray standalone.

optimizing render setups.

use of the BSP tree.

The candidate will have experience using render management software. The Render Wranglers responsibility will also include tracking shots as they make their way through the render pipeline, and anticipate the rendering needs of all of the Departments in the studio.
Requirements: The Applicant should:

be a Canadian citizen.

have professional Render Wrangler experience on a substantial CG project.

have an advanced level of experience in Maya and Mental Ray.

be experienced in the use of Global Illumination and Final Gathering techniques.

be able to troubleshoot and debug any rendering errors caused by problems in the Maya scenes.

be able to open and examine the scene files of problem renders to identify any settings, objects, shaders, etc. which may prevent a shot from rendering properly.

be an effective communicator who can respond to any questions or issues regarding the Render Farm in a timely manner.

have a familiarity with the Windows OS environment and file system, and the ability to navigate the network to track the movement of data across the render pipeline.

have good problem solving skills and the ability to identify problems early on.

Send email with Word or PDF attachment.

Please include resume with cover letter, quoting which position is being submitted for.

We ACCEPT emails with links to online web portfolios.

Do not include originals, as submissions can not be returned.

Accepting DVD or VHS format only, with shot breakdown.
Location: Vancouver

email - hr@nwfx.com
phone - 604 873 9330
address - 3650 Gilmore Way

British Columbia
V5G 4W8
web site - http://www.nwfx.com
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