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Next Generation Games Technical Artist job

Posted: April 28, 2006
subject: Next Generation Games Technical Artist , Probe Games

Probe Games is looking for Next Generation Games Technical Artist
Starting Date: ASAP , duration - permanent

Job details: The next generation of computer games is rapidly approaching bringing a wave of new technology and a cry from the industry for highly talented CG film specialists to apply their skills to these interactive epics. Probe Games is currently recruiting for a number of studios across the UK that are now looking to the film industry for new talent. Having an exceptional ability in Maya is a huge advantage; essentially we are looking for someone with AAA titles or blockbuster movies in their portfolio.

The right candidate will have had contact with Renderman, MEL script, HLSL and lighting techniques within a studio environment. Obviously with these specialist abilities you can expect a very competitive salary. The added extras? After this you will be able to work on any game knowing that the team you have worked with are at the top of their industry. Salary 30,000 + Benefits
Location: Cambridge


email - john.chalkley@probe-it.com
web site - http://www.probegames.com
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