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Academic Director - Game Art & Design job

Posted: April 26, 2006
subject: Academic Director - Game Art & Design , The Art Institute of Phoenix

The Art Institute of Phoenix is looking for Academic Director - Game Art & Design
duration - Full Time

Job details: Academic Director - Game Art & Design The Academic Director (AD) is the principal academic officer for these programs. The AD's primary role is to provide support and guidance to students and faculty, to maintain a leadership role in all program functions. The AD ensures student progress toward a successful completion and maintains responsibilities for teaching.
The AD is responsible with the Dean of Academic Affairs (DAA) for the fiscal well being of the programs, and for achieving key education targets.
The AD participates in activities that market the program to the prospective advisory committees and all other students and the community.
The position requires making decisions and operating in a coordinated effort with the DAA, program specific advisory committee and all other academic directors, admissions, student affairs, career services and public relations and marketing departments.

Key responsibilities include coaching and managing faculty within the program area and teaching some courses, however the majority of the time is managing faculty, curriculum and student progression toward satisfying degree requirements.

Qualifications include:
Past teaching experience
Master's degree prefered in related subject matter.
Industry experience in Game Art & Design.
Management experience.
Experience with gaming software programs.
Location: Phoenix, AZ, United States

Contact info:
Director of Human Resources
The Art Institute of Phoenix
2233 W Dunlap Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Fax: 602-331-5300
E-mail: aipxhr@aii.edu
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