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Producer job

Posted: April 26, 2006
subject: Producer , Electronic Arts Canada

Electronic Arts Canada is looking for Producer
duration - Full Time

Job details: Producer Producer
Candidates for this position will be responsible for leading the production of a Next Gen Console game with specific emphasis on action and adventure. Working with executive producers, associate producers and product managers in all aspects of the production, emphasizing on both PC and console platforms. Producers are a key element of the development process and are required to proactively manage and deliver products ensuring both title quality and timely delivery. Producers work with Project Managers to set priorities for their group, track the scheduling of these and other development functions, identify critical constraints, potential bottlenecks, and risks in the delivery schedule, as well as troubleshooting communication and dependency problems. Producers are required to communicate regularly both vertically and cross-functionally with the development teams and the greater organization.

For more details, check out EAs job board at http://jobs.ea.com Position #10582

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Contact info:
E-mail: dchandler@ea.com
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